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Vespertine Dreams.

The sempiternal comes for us all, loves us as one.

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copenhagen by morning - 29.09.14


cradle what never blooms,
a dying dream still worth living for

"Every day will return us to arms of the ever eternal."

Steve Conte/Maaya Sakamoto, The Garden of Everything

I am like a child when you are here—playful and inspired—, but I am too much—much too much—like an adult when you are gone—empty. Aware. Here, yet not.

Do not call me by a name,
My essence is at sea
And don’t you think it such a shame
That I cannot be me?

Do not trace me to the dark,
I could return some day
When fears of mine have been assuaged
And I’m not lead astray.


I do not even fucking know who I am anymore.

I only want the best for you and if I’m not best thing, you’re stuck.

Oh fuck, Fiona, you must tell me where you got your dresses from.

I legit cried when I started watching AHS: Coven and saw Fiona

Hell yes, Marie Laveau. Hell fucking yes, girl.

I won’t tag this (and I appreciate if no one reblogs this, though you may like in lieu of reblogging if your blog doesn’t showcase your likes), but I grow tired of being told and shown and indirectly yelled at by radical, black sjws on this website that because I don’t have a victim/matyr complex regarding white people, that I don’t love myself or I’ve assimilated to white culture (which, let’s be honest, a crayola color has no meaning).

I’ve read through some posts of anti-white blogs on here and it frightens me how badly you all are out to get THEM the same way they were (and some still are) out to get US.

"Are they waiting for an injustice to happen to them so they can go, ‘See! White devils! Kill them all!’?" I ask myself often.

I think many of them do not love themselves because they sit here on this website, day after day, rambling about white people and they are out to get african-americans, etc.

I don’t have a victim complex with them. Don’t think less of me because I won’t join your circlejerk of paranoia and sadness.

I’m well aware there are white people who hate me for my skin color. Must I be forced to dwell on it as you do?

May I focus on my own issues that, ultimately, are more harmful at the present time than a racist white woman or man who is trying to degrade and dehumanize me?

"You be boy and I’ll be girl and we don’t stop until the break of dawn."

Erykah Badu, Love of my Life (Ode to Hip Hop)

Chamomile tea and cunnilingus.

"You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in."

Eliezer Yudkowsky 

Being a “product of their times” is no excuse. Never let someone off the hook for bigotry. 

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Hi, want to make a few shoutouts:

1. Shoutout to all the people who have never had a stable family and/or home life or simply parents that were not designed to raise you and/or be parents.

2. Shoutout to all the young and old(er) alternative black men and women who are ostracized by their family and/or community for having habits that are seen as “attempting to be white” instead of having been raised to enjoy different things than what White Establishment and misguided black folks think you should enjoy based on closed minds and unwillingness to expand outside your box.

3. Shoutout to depressed black men and women. Not only do we get cast aside by our families sometimes because depression isn’t real to them, apparently, but mental health treatments don’t seem to be readily available to us as they are to white men and women.

Thanks. Peace.

Friends come and go. And go and go. And continue going.

But I’m neither bothered nor concerned, for who do any of us have when our time is done? Our earthly pleasures will have been just that.